Espacio Danza

Espacio Danza is a Centre for the Development, Diffusion and Investigation of Contemporary Dance in Bolivia.
Since it is creation, march 2007, we have been offering permanent workshops, primarily for children and working with the aim to fortify a body-mind connection.
One of the main objectives of Espacio Danza is to strengthen dance art in Bolivia. For this we are trying to develop an exchange platform which may benefit professional dancers and choreographers with the possibility to confront their work with notable international artists.

On April 2008 we had the pleasure to host Bernardo Rubinstein from Mexico with his project “La memoria histórica y el enfrentamiento entre victimas y verdugos, una reflexión de los procesos contemporáneos de deshumanización” (historical memory and the confrontation between victims and the executioner, a reflection about the dehumanizing contemporary processes)

On november 2009 we hosted german Choreographer Thomas Lehmen for the creation of the Piece "Entrelazando Historias".
 We have worked with various artists as Rosa Maria Torres (Argentina), Dayna Martínez and Vincent Verburg (BOL/NL), Manuela Berndt (Alemania), Alpo Aaltokoski (Finlandia)


María José Rivera
Founder of Espacio Danza.Initiated her dance studies in classical ballet at the age of eight. Subsequently she participated in various workshops of ballet, contemporary, modern dance and theatre in Cuba, U.S.A., Switzerland, México, The Netherlands and Austria.On 2005 she graduated as a Choreographer at the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance in Mexico.Her actual interest is focused in dance and identity matters.
Since 1988 she has been in the main theatres within Bolivia, Mexico, and had individual presentations en the United States. She has participated in various festivals in Bolivia and Mexico. As an independent artist she has participated in Festival ANDANZA 06 and 07, at the XII Internacional Dance Festival “Habana Vieja, Ciudad en Movimiento” in Cuba, in 2008 she has received the danceWEB scholarship to attend ImpulsTanz 08 in Wien, Austria and in 2012 she has represented Bolivia in the Full Moon dance Festival, Finland..She has collaborated with Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and Universidad Católica Boliviana as a teacher and choreographer, and has worked with the Ballet Municipal de El Alto and Summa Artis, and the Sub Alcaldía de Mallasa.
From 2009 to 2015 she has been the Director of the Ballet Oficial de Bolivia, formerly it was the official dance company of Bolivia but she developed a project which aimed the development of contemporary and classical dance within the country.
On 2015 María José obtained and Erasmus Scholarship tu pursue a MA in Dance Knowledge, Anthropology and Ethnography, Choreomundus.

Amancaya Rivera
Initiated her dance studies in classical ballet. Complementary has taken many workshops in Bolivia and the United States.She has performed with Summa Artis and Ballet Municipal de El Alto, where she has also teached.On 2005 has worked with Frederik Theatre in Mexico City.On 2013 she received her dance degree in Nice, France.